WordPress Traffic Mastery: Use Our Proven Plan for Pledged Traffic

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WordPress Traffic Mastery

What’s the biggest goal of a blogger or website owner? First of all, it’s bringing more visitors to their site.

Thus, all your efforts related to writing content, making the site look pretty and interacting with the audience have a single goal: to boost the traffic at your website.

What does it take to achieve WordPress traffic mastery? You need a precise plan based on proven techniques and use the right plugins that will help you attract more visitors.

WordPress is pretty simple and straightforward to use. Attracting traffic, however, is a whole other thing. It’s not as easy as beginner developers usually think it is. Let’s go through the plan that will help you achieve the ultimate goal: get more traffic.

The WordPress Traffic Mastery Plan

1. Master Google Analytics

Master Google Analytics

Lauren Roberts, part of the team behind Essay On Time, explains: “When it comes to improving traffic, understanding it is the starting point. I had worked with many beginner bloggers and website owners, and it was surprising to witness their lack of interest in Google Analytics. They just thought that if they publish good content, the traffic will come. Things are not that simple in the online world; you have to analyze advanced metrics and take action from there.”

The reports you get from Google Analytics tell what pages of your site perform well. You can also realize what you’re doing wrong: just look at the analytics. If some of your posts don’t attract traffic, it means that the audience is not interested in that format, style, or topic.

If you want to simplify Google Analytics, you just need a WordPress plugin. Try Google Analytics WD; it will deliver all analytics you need directly to your admin panel.

2. Get Social Media to Work to Your Advantage

Use Social Media to your advantage

There is an obvious reason why you’ll find all popular online projects on social media: that’s the best way to attract more traffic. When you engage your target audience on these platforms, you gain a loyal base of followers who will keep coming to your website for information.

Your activity on social media should be mostly based on sharing info and links to your site. However, the potential of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ doesn’t stop there. When you let your website’s visitors share the content, you’re getting a new kind of promotion; the one that seems more honest.

The question is: how do you get social media to work to your advantage? How do you start getting traffic from these websites without even trying?

Just install the right WordPress plugin!

Social Media Slider is a nice choice. The plugin is popular among WordPress users for a simple reason: it gets them more shares. When readers go through your content and enjoy, they can share it on their preferred platforms without any need to leave your site.

3. Master Search Engine Optimization

Master Search Engine Optimization

You knew we will get to this point. Search engine optimization is essential for attracting more traffic. When you develop a smart strategy, your website ranks better in search engine results.

SEO is not as simple as initially seems. However, there’s a way to make it more straightforward: just use a plugin. The All in One SEO Pack will automate the creation of SEO-friendly meta tags, as well as the optimization of the titles for Google and other search engines.

It will also help you diminish issues with duplicate content around WordPress blogs. Duplicate content can hurt your reputation in the search engine results. It’s important to solve that issue with no delays and this plugin can help you greatly.

4. Understand Your Visitors

Understand your visitors

Who visits your website? Are you really attracting your target audience? If you notice that you’re getting visitors who don’t fit the description of your audience persona, maybe you should rethink your target and the overall strategy?

First of all, let’s see what kind of visitors you’re attracting. There’s a WordPress plugin for that too, Visitors Statistics. With its help, you’ll be able to track your visitors, their visits, operating systems, browsers, and more. Moreover, you’ll get an interactive map of their location. You’ll also see search engine queries that led people to your website.

With all this information, it will be easier for you to start crafting content that brings your target audience to action.

5. Get the Visitors to Subscribe

Get visitors to subscribe

Email marketing must not be underestimated. When people subscribe to your messages, it means they want to get more from you. Not all of them open their emails, but those who are really interested in your offer certainly do. It’s much easier to convert email subscribers than random visitors.

So how do you get people to subscribe? Just offer them something great! You may offer free stuff such as eBooks or a special email campaign with personalized tips from your niche. You may also focus on the simple process of delivering high-quality content on a regular basis, so people will want to be reminded when you launch a new post.

Of course, you’ll need a plugin that offers visitors to subscribe. OptinMonster will launch a targeted pop-up just when a visitor is ready to leave the site to offer an email subscription.

6. Bring Your Old Content to Life

Bring your old content to life

Do you have some evergreen posts on your site? How about using them to bring some fresh traffic in?

Your old posts are still good and many of your new followers on social media platforms haven’t seen them yet. Besides, possibly some of the visitors who have seen the old posts would like to be reminded of them. You only need a plugin that does this for you.

Revive Old Post is a WordPress plugin that can share your old posts automatically. You only need to set the interval and number of posts you’d like to share so you won’t spam the feed of your audience with too many publications.

There you have the master plan for pledged WordPress traffic. It seems simple at first sight, doesn’t it? Well, it takes a lot of work and commitment for you to start attracting a larger audience towards your website. However, if you follow the right steps and use the right plugins, you’ll absolutely make it happen.

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