WPWarfare.com is a WordPress blog and resource site to highlight the best of WordPress themes and plugins by detailed reviews, actionable tips, roundups, and tutorials. We are also here to help you learn how to use WordPress more as a marketing tool to create better content, drive more traffic and boost conversions by sharing some super useful WordPress marketing tools.

Topics we cover are WordPress themes (roundups and reviews), WordPress plugins (roundups, reviews & guides), WordPress security, tutorials and beginner guides. As well as best WordPress marketing tips, tools, and resources.

Founded by Vairo and Eddie Kremanis, the main goal of this site is to provide an arsenal of practical and useful WordPress information that users can act on and execute.

Knowledge is not power…it’s potential power. Execution will trump knowledge any day! -Tony Robbins

Our Team Of Writers

Our team of enthusiasts and experts from all over the world are here to bring you the wealth of knowledge and expertise on all things related to WordPress. 

Vairo Kremanis

Vairo Kremanis

Vairo is a young Entrepreneur, online marketer and founder of WPWarfare.com with a passion for content marketing and WordPress.

Eddie Kremanis

Eddie Kremanis

Eddie is online marketer, Co-Founder of WPWarfare.com and owner of KREE Media with a passion for content marketing, website design and all things WordPress.

Lindsay Liedke

Lindsay Liedke

Lindsay is a freelance writer for hire who loves WordPress. When she is not writing she can be found spending time with her hubby, son, and cat Reggie!

Joe Warnimont

Joe Warnimont

Joe Warnimont is a freelance tech writer who enjoys playing around with WordPress. When not testing new apps and gadgets, he’s brushing up on his German or riding his bike in Chicago.

Megan Jones

Megan Jones

Megan is a freelance writer who loves all things WordPress. She currently lives in Brighton with her partner and two small children. When she isn’t online she likes walking by the sea, cups of coffee and travelling anywhere and everywhere.


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