Top Job Board Themes for WordPress in 2019

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Despite the popularity of professional social networks like LinkedIn, the job board market is a thriving and largely untapped segment of the online economy. Launching a location-based or niche-specific job board website can be a highly profitable endeavor. Not only do job boards require little maintenance due to most of the content being generated by the websites’ users, they also offer lots of opportunities for monetization, like selling premium packages to both job seekers and employers. And because job boards (as opposed to LinkedIn) are mainly used by people who are actively searching for a job, they often provide quicker results and help employers fill open positions more efficiently. Even if you don’t plan on launching a full job board platform, adding a job board section to your company’s website can help you find top talent in your industry more easily.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best WordPress themes specifically designed for creating intuitive, beautiful, and fully functional job board websites. All of them are regularly maintained by their developers and work effortlessly with WordPress 5.0 and above. More importantly, they all look absolutely stunning and come packed with everything you need for a powerful and thriving job board.

1. Jobify

There are several reasons Jobify is the bestselling job board theme on ThemeForest. It’s not only easy to use, but also has tons of functionalities that are sure to take your job board website to the next level. Jobify comes with advanced search functionalities and location filtering and is optimized for both performance and SEO. It’s fully compatible with the powerful (and free) WP Job Manager Plugin, which lets you easily add, manage, and categorize job listings in WordPress, and with the premium Resume Manager plugin, which lets your website users upload and list their CVs on their user profiles. But that’s not all. The guys and gals over at Astoundify (the team behind Jobify) have also created their own Listing Payments plugin, allowing you to create revenue on your website by charging users to post their listings. The fact that Astoundify only has three (top rated) themes in their roster means that they can dedicate more resources to keeping those themes always up to date and providing top-notch support for all of their users.

Here’s what your job board website could look like with the awesome Jobify theme:

Check out the full demo here.
You can purchase Jobify on ThemeForest for $59.

2. WorkScout

WorkScout is an all-in-one solution for recruiters, employment agencies, and job candidates alike. Not only is this theme compatible with the WP Job Manager plugin, it has actually been specifically built to extend the popular plugin’s already impressive capabilities. WorkScout is also compatible with a selection of WP Job Manager extensions, like the Job Alerts plugin, the Paid Listings plugin, and others. Among WorkScout’s native functionalities are powerful search filters, full Google Maps integration, dedicated CV and Job pages, and much more. It’s also important to note that WorkScout is GDPR ready and optimized for Google’s enriched search results.

Here’s a preview of one of the 6 premade home pages you get with WorkScout:

If you like what you see, take a look at the full demo here.
You can get WorkScout for $59 over on ThemeForest.

3. JobCareer

JobCareer comes with absolutely everything you need for your job board website, no additional plugins required. It comes with 16+ predesigned demos, multiple dashboard views, paid and free listings, application tracking, email alerts, and a bunch of other practical features. It’s integrated with a bunch of payment gateways, including PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, and others. And if you’re in need of any functionality that doesn’t come with the theme by default, the developer team offers professional customization services for their customers (at a price, of course). Oh, and you might want to keep in mind that JobCareer is compatible with the WPML plugin. So you can localize your website to your own language, or create a multilingual site with ease.

Here’s a preview of one of JobCareer’s many home page layouts:

Check out more demos over on their website.
You can buy JobCareer on ThemeForest for $59.

4. Careerfy

Careerfy has a simple and modern design and is packed with 8 full demos to help you launch your job board website quickly and with ease. It’s powered by the WPBAkery page builder (included free), ensuring an effortless experience while building your site. When it comes to functionalities, this theme lets your users set application deadlines, apply for jobs through social media, track their applications, get job alerts and suggestions, etc. It’s also GDPR compliant, which is a big thing these days, and it supports RTL (right-to-left) languages. Careerfy is another job board theme that offers customization services. So if you feel like any crucial functionality might be missing, you can contact the devs and see what it will cost to add it.

Here’s what your job board website could look like with Careerfy:

You can preview more demos here.
You can even log in to each demo (using the credentials provided on the theme’s ThemeForest page) to check out Careerfy’s beautiful user dashboards.
You can get a copy of Careerfy for $69 on ThemeForest.

5. Jobmonster

Jobmonster is the cheapest theme on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking. This theme comes equipped with everything you expect from a premium job board theme. It has an intuitive page builder, Google and Bing map support, a stellar user dashboard (for both employers and candidates), advanced filtering options, integration with WooCommerce and MailChimp, and tons more. It lets users export their resumes and applications, bookmark jobs, apply via LinkedIn and other social media, and create their own personalized profiles. But what makes Jobmonster stand out is the way it combines all these functionalities with a unique, bold design style free of any unnecessary clutter.

Here’s the type of job board site you could create using Jobmonster:

If that’s the style you’re going for, you can check out more Jobmonster demos here.
And you can grab a copy of Jobmonster for just $55 on ThemeForest.

That’s our list of the top job board themes for WordPress. Whether you’re already running a successful recruitment agency, are in the planning phases of launching a new job board startup, or just want to add a job board section to your company website, you’re sure to find the perfect theme for your needs among these five. Each one offers more than enough in terms of both functionality and looks. More importantly, they’re all regularly updated and have excellent support. And to top it off, their authors are dedicated to pushing the envelope in terms of what a WordPress job board theme can do. What more could you ask for?

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