Best WordPress Video Sharing Themes in 2017

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Best WordPress Video Sharing Themes

These days, websites really must be able to handle video, and handle it well. In fact, more and more sites these days are actually based on being able to display videos. They need to look good, work right, and be accessible to your viewers.

A lot of people don’t think about WordPress right away when they think about videos, because their mindset is still set on the fact that WordPress used to be solely a blogging platform. But that is certainly not the case anymore! The truth is that WordPress can definitely give you the tools you need to create a video website, and it may even do a better job than you ever thought it could!

WordPress is gaining popularity for two main reasons. First of all, the tools are mostly free to use… so the costs associated with WordPress are extremely low. And secondly, because it makes creating a website (a video site, a blogging site, or really any type of site) just about as easy as it can be.

And thanks to the newest version of WordPress, things have gotten even better and easier.

With that being said, here are some of our favorite video themes that you can use to create and build your own video site using WordPress. We know that building a video site is a different ballgame – so here are some tools that just might help you along.

Here are some of our favorite video themes for WordPress.

Video Theme From

Video Theme From MyThemeShop

This awesome theme, available from for just $59, is built for blogs that have a lot of video content in them. It has some awesome features, such as a like/dislike button, a watch-later option, integration with Youtube, and much more. It allows users to build playlists, and even comes SEO ready and fully-prepared for optimization.

Here are some of the best features offered on this theme…

  • Fully Responsive
  • Intelligent Sharing Popups For Social Media
  • 4 Pre-Designed Homepage Layouts Make Getting Started Easy
  • Fully Optimized For Video
  • Supports Videos From YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and DailyMotion

If you are looking for a video theme that will not just handle videos, but also make them fully accessible, then this theme is a great place to start. We actually really like how this one looks for bloggers who want better professionalism, but still ease-of-use. If this sounds like what you are looking for, then this theme just might take the cake for your video-filled blogging needs!

The company also maintains a state-of-the-art support center, so you can be sure that tech support will be just a call away, which is pretty awesome.

TheMotion WordPress Video Theme From

TheMotion Video WordPress Theme

This theme, available from, is a bit more expensive than some. Priced at $89, it might seem like a premium offering – and you can certainly count on it being that. TheMotion is a fully responsive, multimedia WordPress theme that was especially designed for video blogs, video lessons, and tutorial pages.

One of the main selling points of this theme is that it is WooCommerce-Compatible, which means that you can literally build a front page for your store within a matter of minutes using this app.

But it also features a very responsible design makeup, meaning that you can trust it not to fail when the time comes to load and play videos. It will also always be mobile friendly (says the company), and will render perfectly on all kinds of devices.

Here are some of the key features…

  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Get Access To Over 20 Different Themes When You Join
  • Free Updates, Dedicated Support, And A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Are Also Part Of The Gig

If you’re looking for a top-level video theme that is still affordable and user-friendly, then TheMotion by might be an awesome choice for you.

Vlog – Video Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme from

Vlog - Video Blog WordPress Theme

This theme, the regular license for which sells for just $69, is another premium-level theme that definitely deserves a spot on this page. It is available on, and even comes with an extended 12-month support plan for an extra $21.38 if you’re interested in it.

This WordPress theme is both beautifully crafted and imbued with a strong focus for videography websites. If you are a videographer, the editor of a complex online magazine, or need to lay out your videos in a sophisticated manner while also keeping the dynamics simple and efficient, then this theme might be perfect for you.

Here are some of the key features…

  • Fully compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and other video hosting sites
  • Supports a plugin called Video Importer – which makes importing videos super easy and automatic
  • Allows you to group videos into playlists, which makes it awesome for tutorials
  • Also supports a plugin called Video Thumbnails, which helps you to auto-detect video thumbnails

The theme also gives you access to a ‘watch later’ feature, as well as a cinema mode… for a distraction-free viewing experience.

If you are looking for a more elegant video theme option for your WordPress site, then Vlog may be a perfect option to look into.

VideoMag From

Powerful Video WordPress Theme

This theme, which is actually available for download on ThemeForest for $49, has helped over 20,000 customers with their video-based WordPress sites, and it can certainly do the same for you. The company calls it the ‘Most advanced WordPress theme for your Video Tube,’ and we certainly feel like this is a legitimate claim!

Here are some of the key features…

  • Supports Vimeo, Vine, Twitch, Youtube, DailyMotion, and even self-hosted videos
  • Auto-generates thumbnails for videos from popular sites and saves them to your own server to speed up page load speeds
  • Equipped with its own banner system, which helps you to add text, images, videos, or any other type of HTML code to your page
  • Create your own homepage by dragging and dropping blocks to do what you want
  • Also comes with unlimited sidebars, and allows you to equip/assign them to each post or page
  • Comes with 9 different widgets to help you get the most out of it

If you are looking for a full-featured theme that will give you a lot of tools to help you customize and diversify your page, then VideoMag might be the perfect option for you… so consider giving it a look next time you’re online searching for themes.

Betube Video WordPress Theme From

Betube Video WordPress Theme

This is another awesome video WordPress theme available from ThemeForest. This one, which sells for just $49, also comes with a 12 month extended support option for just $13.88, which is awesome. If you’re looking for a ton of features all packed into one easy-to-use app, then Betube may definitely be a theme for you!

Here are some of the key features…

  • +10 HomePage Version options
  • Auto importing for videos
  • Front-end user posting
  • Allows you to embed or upload videos
  • Comes with a light and a dark version
  • 8 different header styles help you to craft your site the way you want

One thing that you will notice right away about this theme is that the content for it seems to be worded strangely when you read it on… but don’t let that distract you from the product’s usefulness. This is a powerful and responsive video theme that will help you to get your video site up and going literally within minutes of downloading it!

If you are looking for something fast, easy, and full-featured, then Betube is certainly a theme to consider.

Videoly – Video WordPress Theme From

Videoly – Video WordPress Theme

Videoly, which is available on ThemeForest for $39, is one of our favorite video themes because it is rather well-known to be suitable for not just bloggers, but also YouTubers and even V-loggers. ThemeBubble is the developer behind this one, so you can certainly expect awesome things from it. Features include an intuitive page builder (called a Visual Composer), which you can use without knowing any code at all, and an admin panel that is as powerful as it is stylish.

Here are some other key features to look for in this theme…

  • Comes with a copy of Visual Composer and premium Photoshop toolkit
  • Coded for high-performance, including awesome loading times
  • Videoly offers 6 different hero sliders, each of which is unique and customizeable
  • An awesome, 100% response percentage ensures that it looks good on any device, regardless of resolution
  • Retina Ready. This means that you can view Videoly with literally any display.

There are far more features available with this theme than we could ever list in one short blurb, so make sure to check it out if you’re looking for an inexpensive WordPress video theme that will still deliver a huge range of awesome options. Videoly certainly delivers where it counts, so check it out next time you are in the market for a quality WordPress video theme.

.TUBE – By Tubegtld (FREE)

TUBE – By Tubegtld Theme

This free WordPress Video Theme is actually offered on the themes list – but don’t let the free price tag fool you! This theme offers plenty of flexibility, especially if you’re just getting started and need a theme to get your video site up and running on a limited budget.

.Tube is not just fully responsive. It is also easy to customize, developer friendly, and was specifically designed for people who love to create and share videos. Some of the most common users of the theme include journalists, photographers, and amateur videographers.

Here are some of the key features…

  • Features a modern, bootstrap-based layout
  • Looks awesome on desktop, mobile, and tablet-based devices
  • Includes a full range of customization options, including action hooks and filters
  • Is child-theme-friendly

If you are looking for an awesome starter theme and don’t want to dump a bunch of money into something right off the bat, then .TUBE is certainly a theme that you might want to keep an eye on! Obviously, there are themes that offer more. But for a free theme, you really can’t beat it!

VideoTouch – Video WordPress Theme: From

VideoTouch WordPress Theme

This theme is available on ThemeForest for $64. This is one of the more premium-priced themes on our list, but don’t let that put you off. It comes with a range of powerful features and options that will certainly impress you and give you everything you need to build a powerful video WordPress site that functions and performs as flawlessly as any other.

Here are soe of the features that it comes with…

  • Infinite layouts
  • Infinite colors
  • Front-end submission
  • Custom widgets
  • 40+ elements to help you design your site your way
  • Supports video from sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and even supports MP4 uploads

This theme will literally let you use video from any source available. It also ships with a powerful drag and drop layout builder, and gives you unlimited colors and clean, secure frameworks to work from. Not only that, but it is also fully responsive and mobile-friendly, meaning that your site will be functional and usable to a wide range of different users.

If you’re looking for a powerful video theme and don’t wish to skimp out, then the VideoTouch theme might be the perfect solution for you.

SlimVideo – Video WordPress Community Theme

Slimvideo WordPress Theme

This theme sells for $64 on the page, and can come with an additional 12 months of extended support for $19.50. As one of the more premium-priced themes on our page, this theme comes with a wide range of features that make it more than worth the money.

Here are just a few of the features that you can expect to see if you choose to download SlimVideo…

  • Infinite layouts and colors
  • Woo-Commerce compatible
  • Custom widgets
  • Events calendar
  • 4 different single video layouts
  • Intuitive drag and drop layout builder

If you are looking for a powerful, all-inclusive video WordPress theme and don’t want to skimp out on important features, then SlimVideo may definitely be a theme to look at. It even comes with 7 post views, which are loaded with options, along with demo data that you can use to just import and start using the theme while getting off to a running start.

It even comes with a Google Fonts Library, a Portfolio Custom Post, Left and Right Header Layouts, and virtually unlimited options for headers and footers.

VideoBox – From

VideoBox WordPress Theme

This theme, which is available for just $60 from, gives you an impressive medium for showing off attractive video content from a range of sources. It supports content from sites like YouTube and Vimeo, among many others… and comes with a wide range of features that make it more than worth the price for someone looking to create a high-end video WordPress site.

Here are some of the key features to look at in VideoBox…

  • Change every detail of your theme with the included Theme Options Panel
  • Theme is both responsive and retina ready, and will adapt to any screen resolution on any device
  • Woo-Commerce supported
  • A complete Visual Customizer gives you access to colors and fonts that will match both your style and your brand
  • Supports video embeds from 99% of sites

If you’re looking for a full-featured video WordPress theme, but don’t want to pay a ton of money for one, then this is certainly a theme that you should take a look at. Obviously, the price tag on VideoBox is a bit higher than on some of the options on our list. But for the money, you are getting a complete setup that will take your video site from 0 to 10 in a matter of minutes. Other features include a popular videos tab and automatic video thumbnails, among many others.

JustWrite – From (FREE)

JustWrite WordPress Theme

We don’t post a lot of free themes in this section, mostly because a lot of the best themes cost more than that… but this theme makes the cut because sometimes you just need a free theme. And when you do, this is one of the best (in our opinion) to look at.

This theme is easy to set up, and was primarily designed for blogs and magazines. It comes with a multipurpose, full-screen design, and a clean, modern look. It features a slider carousel, and allows you to keep your posts organized by category, which is very awesome.

Here is a list of some of the more key features…

  • Provides a minimalist look while offering a friendly interface
  • Comes with plenty of widgets
  • Allows you to place banner ads
  • Very user friendly and intuitive
  • Comes with a lot of large images, icons, fonts, and buttons that you can use to create the site you really want

If you would rather try a free theme before moving onto something that you need to pay for, then this is one of our favorite candidates. It offers a lot of features that more expensive themes are known for – but does so while staying true to the original ‘free source’ spirit of WordPress… which is super cool.

Video Records WordPress Theme – From

Video Records WordPress Theme

This theme, which sells for $79 on (a single site license for it, anyway) is one of the higher-priced themes on our list. But what you get for your money with Video Records is especially awesome. It comes with a full range of features designed not just to make site-design easier, but that also give the website visitor a vibrant, responsive, and intuitive experience.

Here are just some of the key features that you can expect to see in Video Records should you choose to buy it…

  • Built-in drag and drop page builder, for easy site design
  • A robust admin panel, capable of allowing you to modify your site without even touching the code
  • A fantastic mega menu makes it intuitive and makes your site look awesome
  • Gives you the ability to group videos by category

The theme also gives you an easy-to-navigate slider, which makes it super easy for visitors to find the videos that they are looking for. Post-previews, set on a clean background, make up the rest of the design, and a lightweight build process helps your site to load as fast as possible for users on any type of device.

If you’re looking for an awesome WordPress video theme and don’t mind paying a more premium price, then Video Records is certainly worth a look.

Video Content WordPress Theme – From

Video Content WordPress Theme

This is another premium-level theme that certainly deserves a spot on this list. Priced at $75 for the single site license, this is one of the more expensive themes that we offer – but it also does an awesome job of managing the needs of a video WordPress site. It comes with a wide range of amenities, such as 24/7 free support, included high-quality stock photography, and a satisfaction guarantee… among many others.

Here is a list of some of the features that you can expect to find with this theme…

  • A 100% responsive design
  • The ability to completely edit your site, from front to back
  • Includes custom post types and post formats
  • Is multi-lingual ready, with official WPML certification
  • Comes with over 80 different shortcodes, to make everything as easy as possible

Other features include a 2-step installation, multiple color options, fantastic sliders, an SEO ready front-end, lifetime free updates, and custom widgets – plus much more.

If you’re looking to get serious quality for your money, then Video Content might be the perfect video WordPress Theme for you!

Focus – By Greg Priday: Available on (FREE)

Focus Free WordPress Video Theme

This is another free theme that certainly deserves a spot on our favorite video WordPress themes. With over 4,000 active installs and an awesome 3.5 star rating, this free theme even competes with some of the paid themes on our list, and provides plenty of value for the user.

Here are some of the main theme features…

  • Supports videos through oEmbed on sites like Youtube and Vimeo
  • You can host your own videos and MP4s as well
  • Play your own hosted videos through the gorgeous custom video player
  • Can be used as either a standard video blog, or does an awesome job as an educational video site theme
  • Both free and premium support is offered in the forums

Focus is a beautiful and flexible free video WordPress theme that will certainly get you off to a strong start, regardless of your WordPress video site hosting needs. If you need a video theme, but don’t wish to pay for a premium-cost site at this exact moment, then Focus could be an awesome solution to the problem.

Video Member – Responsive Membership WordPress Theme From

Video Member WordPress Theme

If you are looking to sell your videos with a membership and earn passive income with your theme, then Video Member may be the perfect option for you. This is unique among the themes we offer in this list because it is a membership-based theme, but therein lies the usefulness and the beauty behind it.

Here are some of the key features that you can expect to find with the Video Member theme…

  • Designed to work perfectly with membership websites
  • Super easy to install and use
  • Allows you to sell video memberships online
  • PayPal integrated
  • Fully responsive and attractive

If you are looking for a theme that will allow you to build a sleep membership site to sell video content to your visitors, then there are plenty of tools on-board with this theme to get you going strong. Other features include a built-in member’s area, instant product access, regular product updates, lifetime support for your primary site, and awesome slider features.

The site sells for $119 on, but it is well worth it if you’re wanting to create a passive income with your video WordPress site.

Got a new theme? Great! Now make sure you run your site on the fastest WordPress hosting. See our guide here.

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